Ikat: The Traditional Handloom Sarees of Odisha

When it comes to the traditional draping of India, the first thing that comes to our mind is beautiful and creative sarees. A variety of heritages and traditions distinguishes India from other countries. Traditional Indian handlooms have created a history in ancient times. At that time, the Indian economy had a boom as Indian handlooms were largely exported, in the global marketplace. Traditional sarees are never going to run out of fashion.

The only need of an hour is to make people realize the importance and benefits of Indian traditional handloom sarees. Ikat is one of the best examples of traditional designs. In addition to its beauty, it is also a comfy and light-weighted type of traditional handlooms. It is incredibly weaved in various ways by the skilled weavers of India.

At Reemly Design Studio, you can have an authentic variety of Ikat: the traditional handloom. You will experience great perseverance in our culture at the studio. Here the Ikat is designed and weaved with the same love and affection that you have with your sarees.  

What is Ikat?

Ikat is a dyeing technique for fabrics. It is the dyeing technique, especially for the sarees. The dyeing technique is used to dye the yarns before the weavers start weaving them. The yarns are dyed in a predetermined pattern. The dye is applied to the thread bundles or bindings or resists with the desired patterns. When the dye is dried then the pattern can be visible effectively. Sometimes when more than one color is used to dye the thread, then the resists are colored one after the other.

Hence, you can notice that  Ikat is designed very skillfully and needs concentration and creativity in the craftsman. Also, the weavers should have a sound knowledge related to cotton and silks.  Hence, it is more expensive but worth it. At Reemly Design Studioyou can find a variety of Ikat patterns with a wide range of colors. 

Ikat is a broader concept of traditional handlooms and is found in Odisha on a large scale. It is also exported on a large basis. Depending on the weaving patterns, various types of Ikats are produced and designed creatively. Reemly Design Studio, provides you with a variety of Ikat. 

1.    Warp Ikats

Wrap Ikat is only the warp yarns that are dyed using the ikat technique. The yarns that are longitudinal or lengthwise are called warp yarns. Whereas, with weft yarns, they are colored in solid. With wrap yarns, the entire Ikat pattern on the fabric is visible before weaving only. It gives an idea of the desired Ikat pattern. 

2.    Weft Yarn

This type of yarn is a vertical yarn. It runs along the length of the fabric. The weft yarn is a type of yarn that runs back and forth. In weft ikat, the weaving or weft yarns carry the dyed Ikats. Unlike wrap Ikats, the patterns are not seen before weaving. The pattern is visible once the weaving proceeds. With weft weaving, the pattern can be visible. To make the pattern clean and clear the weft yarns need to be the first set according to the desired patterns. It makes the process slower than that of the wrap yarn technique. But the quality and clarity of the work increase.  It gives a quite finished look to Ikats. 

3.    Double Ikat

Both warp and weft yarns combine to make double Ikats. Both are resists dyed before weaving proceeds. Using both the techniques make the traditional handloom weaving procedure critical. This critical technique makes Ikat the most expensive one. But the finishing look to the handloom makes you drool for it. It allows the skilled weavers to create the most beautiful designs. This technique is carried out by the overlapping of both warp and weft yarns. Double Ikat is one of the extraordinary traditional handlooms. 

Ikat is a contemporary art 

Ikat handloom, besides being one of the best traditional handlooms is contemporary art. Its designs are not just limited to wonderful sarees. Its designs are used to make designer bed sheets, designer Ikat purses, table mats, cushion covers, and many of the home décor pieces. Ikat sarees make you look formal. If you are uncomfortable with sarees, then you can look out of the crowd by wearing beautiful Ikat kurtas and well-fitted tunics. It will give you an ethnic as well as a trendy look. Hence, with Reemly Design Studio, Ikat is no more boring. Ikat is a fashion trend that is also seen in accessories such as ornaments. Ikat, one of the traditional handlooms, is now the favorite type of drape of all ladies. You can make people adorn your house with beautifully weaved Ikat carpets. 

Hence, Ikat is a traditional handloom, also known as the bandha of Odisha. It is handwoven with the help of yarns with great affection. So, it is called poetry on the loom. It needs a lot of concentration of skilled and trained weaver to create an exact geometric design before dying and during the process of weaving.

However, today, the trend and skilled craftsman successfully create animal designs such as elephant and deer. At Reemly Design Studio, we can also see the designs such as lotus, and different blooms, stars, and creepers. These themes on the cotton silk sarees are incredibly beautiful and give you a feel to flaunt your beauty all over.