Reemly Design Studio - Where Passion Meets Skill!

When ladies think of adding vibrancy to their wardrobe collection, they want the dresses exclusively designed for them. The dress may be of any kind saree, or any other modern wear, they want everything different from others and noticeable by others. Sometimes it happens that women do not have any idea what they want or which fabric will suit their personality.

Reemly Design Studio provides you with a customized collection of handlooms that will help you to enhance your beauty and carry your outfit with great comfort. Their focus is on adding authentic art and designs to each outfit you wear, whether it is a saree or any other outfit. Their passionate designs reflect their love and affection for Indian art and culture. Reemly Design Studio got its inspiration from the Indian handloom industry that is a heritage and treasure of India.
The mission of Reemly Design Studio is to provide a customized and high-quality fabric that is weaved by the finest weavers of the state, Odisha. At the studio, they create incredible designs and bring the conceptual design into reality by partnering with the master weavers of India. They also aim at supporting the Indian handloom industry and provide the Indian weaver's limelight once the Indian handloom industry was the backbone of the Indian economy. Hence, Reemly Design Studio feels that now it is our time to support the long lost Indian handlooms sector by empowering the Indian weavers and taking their skills to the next level. 

The designs are inspired by the form of the traditional handloom industry depicting Indian culture and heritage. It depicts the mythological temples and scripts. The lyrics of Gitagovinda are a famous depiction of mythological scripts printed and woven on fabric. It also depicts the tradition of Odisha- the place from where handlooms were originated. Reemly Design Studio believes that traditional Indian handlooms can never be outdated or never be boring. It just that time has changed and hence, it just needs a tinge of a twist to make it more interesting and incredible.
The weavers of Odisha weaves the designs by Reemly Design Studio and create various varieties of handloom sarees that include ikkats in silks and cotton, Sambalpuri style, Patola, and Bandhej.

At Reemly Design Studio, every beautiful bride will feel blessed. The wedding collection at the studio is just the show-stealer. The perfect Zardosi or embroidery on the saree and perfect stitch fitting using the high-quality fabric will let the bride feel comfortable even in her heavy wedding dress. The detailed embroidery on the fabric is very beautiful.

They also create beautiful designs that suit the bridesmaid who is soon brides-to-be. If you are a bride to be or bridesmaid, you just need to visit the studio and share your requirements and your imagination regarding your D-DAY, they will customize the pattern you want only for you.  Many of the brides have already experienced the magic of traditional and customized handlooms at Reemly’s design studio.
The magic of designs designed by Reemly Design Studio and the master-piece weavers is not only limited to Odisha or all over India. It is also popular for its designs overseas. Happy customers who are from other countries are repeated ones. They say that the fitting and the fabric of the product were appreciable and enhancing.

The incredible and unbelievable designs are not only limited to traditional sarees. They have also created unbelievable designs balancing contemporary designs and craftsmanship. Their contemporary designs include sarees, Kurtis, gowns, and other handloom products. At Reemly Design Studio the main focus is to satisfy the customer’s needs with their delightful and incredible designs with authentic traditional weaving.

This combination of design and weaving has given the Reemly Design Studio a bigger fan base not only in India but also overseas. Here you will get honest advice related to the present trend along with the authentic designs.