Odisha: The Handloom Heritage of India

Indian culture is integrated with its tradition and heritage. It is impossible to separate a person from his culture and heritage. India is comprised of various states. Every state is known for its unique tradition. From traditional wear to traditional folk songs is a reflection of the tradition of a different state. Handmade products by the skilled craftsmen of India are always appreciated by people all over the world. Orissa is an example of producing quality and variety of handicraft items.

Handloom sarees is one of the best varieties of Odisha handicrafts and most of the handloom sarees are originated from the state. These handloom sarees are beautifully weaved which makes you look most graceful than ever. The sarees that are originated from Odisha are most of the time seen on the stage of fashion shows elevating the beauty of most of the models and celebrities.

The sarees from Odisha have successfully achieved a name in the global market place. At Reemly Design Studio, you will get a variety of handloom sarees that are crafted by the weavers of Orissa. Handwoven sarees at the studio will give you a perfect feel of Indian tradition. We have seen most of the female celebrities flaunting their beauty in beautiful silk sarees from Orissa and have become a fashion statement for most of them.

Handloom in Odisha is one of the ancient sectors. Their exotic design and fine fabrics have made various types of handloom sarees that are popular all over the world. The following are the different types of handloom sarees that are incredibly produced by the artisans of Odisha.

Sambalpuri Saree

These types of handloom sarees are originally produced in the western part of Odisha. Both cotton and silk fabrics are used to produce the Sambhalpuri type of handloom saree. Now a day mechanization fabric is also available. The threads are first tie-dyed with the natural colors. The natural colors used for the dying makes the saree unique. Also, unique designs have made the Sambalpuri sarees appear different from any type of sarees. 

There are various types of Sambalpuri sarees available in the market. They are ikkat, Sonepuri, and Pasappali, etc. the types of Sambalpuri sarees are named after the names of the places from where they originate.
Bramhapuri Saree

It is produced from a Resham silk yarn. It is named after the city Bramhapuri and is one of the traditional wears of Odisha . The weaving designs of the Bramhapuri sarees involve Kumbha, temple design, etc. the zari work design on the border makes it different from other handloom sarees. It is one of the ancient artwork that originated over 200 years ago. It's also called Bramhapuri Patta sarees. 

Dolabedi Saree

This type of handloom saree is theme type, where dola means doal and bedi means mandap. It depicts the blessings of Lord Jagannath. It was originated in Golapur of Odisha. The multicolor buttas on the border and pallu of the saree makes it look beautiful and adorable. 

Habasapuri Saree

These types of traditional handloom sarees are mostly available in cotton fabric only. These are produced by the artisans of the Kalahandi district. They are from the region called Kondh and the weavers mostly weave the designs of fish and flowers. 

Bomkai or Sonepuri Saree

These types of sarees originated from the Bomkai village of the Ganjam district, Orissa. It is also seen in two types of fabrics namely cotton and silk. It mostly has a broader pallu. These sarees are lengthy and are available in various designs and colors. These are long simple and decent sarees and hence mostly worn by the Kathak dancers, all around the world. 

Khandua Sarees

It is one of the fashionable attires of Odisha. These sarees are dedicated to Lord Jagannath and hence, called the pride of Odisha. These are typically seen in red and orange colors as it reflects tradition. But, now they are also available in various colors such as red, yellow, maroon and cream. Its border and anchal is its elegant part. These sarees are manufactured in the Nuapatna, Cuttak district. 

Dongria Saree

These types of sarees are manufactured in Kalahandi and Rayagada district. The handloom sarees are hand-woven by the tribe called as Dongria Kandh. These are the most comfortable type of sarees and hence are loved by most of the women in Orissa. These are mostly manufactured with cotton fabrics with prints of temples and mountains.

Soura Painting Sarees 

The artisans are not only good weavers but also they are good painters. Soura painting sarees are a reflection of their artistic skills. These types of sarees are painted by soura tribes of Odisha. The paintings in the sarees are reflecting the culture of Odisha state through warli and clear geometric frames. 

These are some of the types of sarees manufactured in Odisha. Other types of sarees are Pattichitra saree, Pasappali saree, Kotpad saree, etc. at Reemly Design Studio you can have the latest varieties of handloom sarees. Attractive design and colors are their expertise. Their classy collection not only includes handloom sarees but also they provide us with handloom dupattas and other trendy handloom products.