5 Reasons Why One Must Switch Over to Indian Handloom Sarees

India is a multiregional country. Its diversity is its quality and treasure. Heritage and culture are the basic things that have made India different from other countries. Indian handlooms are one of the epic Indian heritages that reflect our Indian culture since ancient times. From north to south and from east to west, Indian heritage includes a variety of handloom sarees and other products. The perfect example of the entire Indian heritage regarding handlooms is seen at Reemly Design Studio.

At the studio, we can have a wide range of varieties in Ikkat and silk handlooms. They feel that the handloom industry is much more than just fashion wears because it has helped our nation to get independence. It is the reason why our government is celebrating the 7th of August as National Handlooms Day. Indian handloom sarees are one of the integral parts of the Indian culture as it depicts decency and elegance at the same time.

Indian handloom sarees have their charm. But sadly, in recent years, it is seen that the Indian handloom industry is gradually losing its identity. It is not getting the recognition that it needs all over the world as it was having in ancient times. With Reemly Design Studio., it's time to generate awareness about the importance of the handloom industry and its impact on the socio-economic development of our country.

Saree is one of the important attires of Indian culture. It is an unending source of fashion. Many of the fashion statements were changed over the years, but the saree was never out of fashion. The diverse varieties of sarees are known for their charm and significance. At Reemly Design Studio., they say that there are various reasons why people should switch to Indian handloom sarees, they are as follows

1.    Indian handloom sarees are 100% organic.

Indian handloom sarees are hand weaved. They are produced by experienced and highly skilled artisans. They take the utmost care that the fabric used is organic and will not affect the environment and the delicate skin of ladies. It is weaved by the artisans themselves hence; there is as good as zero possibility of a defect in the saree. Hence, Indian handloom sarees are liked by most people in other countries all over the world. These sarees are loved by the global market and have never been rejected by them. 

2.    Women empowerment

Women empowerment is one of the important aspects and elements of a developing country. Indian handloom sarees are weaved by the artisans in the rural areas. It is an evident truth that women in rural areas are blessed with quality sewing skills and enhancing embroidery work. They are taught these two things right from their childhood.

Hence their sense of embroidery and creativity is unstoppable. No one in the world can match their imaginative and dynamic work. They can do it with confidence. If there is a shift in choice of people towards Indian handloom sarees then, they will get more confidence in working, and it, in turn, will help them raise their economic independence. It also will be a reason for pride on their part that they financially contributed to their family income.

3.    Promotes the concept of made in India

Knowingly or unknowingly, there is a patriot inside us from the day we are born. We have an emotional attachment to our country. The Indian handloom sarees are made in India, hence; we can promote the concept of made in India if we have a shift towards Indian handloom sarees. Not just because they are from India but because they are the depiction of the tradition of India since ancient times. You will not just drape a saree, but you will drape the feeling of pride and will never run out of fashion if you choose Indian handloom sarees. 

4.    Promotes the skills and economic life of artisans in India

Most of the time, it is the scene that the artisans in India are provided with limited growth opportunities in the market. Their unbelievable skills are still underrepresented in the global market. New power looms industries are giving them a tuff competition limiting their growth and development. Their skills are getting wasted due to it.

Hence, days are becoming difficult for them to continue their profession, which their forefathers have given them. It is leading to the loss of heritage and the draping culture of our country. Some of them are seen to change their profession to a different industry, which is miserable for them.

5.    The rich and beautiful quality that reaches every woman's desire

Women are born to look beautiful. Every single woman in the world loves to look beautiful and desires to get compliments on whatever she drapes. The bold and beautiful Indian handloom sarees help them look more graceful. We can see ikkat silk sarees are the dream of every woman.

At Reemly's design studio, we can have a variety of bold, dynamic, and colorful ikkat silk sarees, which are one of the types of Indian handloom sarees. These sarees are said to be must-haves in a woman's wardrobe. Other types such as bandhani from Gujarat and Kantha saree from West Bengal are very famous. We cannot forget Kanjiwaram from the south.

At Reemly Design Studio., you will experience the perseverance of Indian heritage with a variety of Indian handloom sarees. The epic and bold work on their sarees impacts and melts every woman's heart. On wearing a saree, you will experience a sense of elegance and simplicity, which makes a woman even more beautiful.

The premium quality of the fabric used by the Reemly Design Studio provides you with a lightweight and beautiful saree. It will help you rejoice in your inner beauty with confidence.