How to take the right care of designer Handloom Sarees?

Sarees are one of the most beautiful Indian attire. It compliments every woman with grace and elegance. Sarees are loved by most of the women in India. Sarees define Indian culture as traditional wear is never going to run out of fashion. Women always want to look beautiful and sarees do make them look beautiful. Indian handloom sarees make you look beautiful but in return, you also need to take complete care of them to maintain their beauty. Many women are seen to complain that Indian handloom sarees lose their beauty after some amount of time even if they are kept in their cupboard. Their threads are worn out or they fade in colors. Reemly Design Studio, along with the beautiful range of sarees, provides you with the best tips to maintain your sarees so that sarees look new and take complete care that you look more beautiful than ever.

Indian handloom sarees are the most precious and costly collection of a woman's wardrobe. They are expensive as they are hand weaved, and incredible design is the result of hard work and needs most of the time of a weavers day. Hence, for a woman wearing a hand-weaved saree and maintaining it is as good as wearing a treasured gold ornament.

There are different varieties of Indian handloom sarees that are weaved with utmost love and affection by the weavers. They include the heirloom sarees such as Kanjivaram, Patola, Chanderi, Ghar Chola (a type of bandhani), and Banaras silk, etc. with the same affection and tenderness they need to be taken care of and maintained.  

The following are some useful tips that will help you to take complete care of your Indian handloom sarees. If you will follow these tips, your saree will never fade out and will give a forever sparkling effect to your saree.

White sarees and stains

Women have a different attraction to white elegant looking sarees. Their love for these sarees is priceless. But need to be maintained. Some stains, such as stains of food on white sarees are difficult to get rid of. In this case, you should wet the stain areas and apply white toothpaste on both sides of the fabric. Then let the saree to dry for 3 to 4 days. Then rub the area with hands and see whether the strains are gone or not. If the stains disappear, then it is good. But if not, then repeat the process till it disappears completely.

Retain the shine of Indian handloom sarees

Sometimes detergent and dry cleaning might be harsh on the Indian handloom sarees. Sarees are at risk of losing their shine forever. Disappointed right? You need not worry as Reemly Design Studio, has a solution to it. 

The solution to recovering the lost sheen of the silk saree is as follow:

1) Before washing, make a solution of Saltwater / Distilled vinegar solution (One Teaspoon of Vinegar per liter of Luke warm water) and soak the silk saree for some time.   

2)  Remember not to soak the saree for the whole night or for a long interval of time.

3) Rinse the saree with the cold water at least 2-3 times before washing with the actual detergent.

4)  Make a note of using a mild detergent for the washing of saree.

5)  Wash the saree and avoid direct sunlight so that color does not fade away

6)  Important point after these is not to use the brush while washing as it may tear the fabric of the saree.

Drying and Ironing

You need to have patience while drying and ironing the Indian handloom sarees. Improper handling of sarees during ironing and drying might lead to losing the saree.

•    Strictly avoid drying of saree in direct sunlight. Also, try and avoid drying it on the windows and rusty wires instead roll it on a towel to remove the excess water. Mostly dry it on the clean floor. 

•    The fabric of Indian handloom sarees is very delicate, and hence heat of the iron can make them worn out or burn. Make sure you always steam iron them.

•    Make sure while ironing the iron is on low or medium flame. Place it on the cotton cloth to avoid creases.

Softening the stiffness of the saree

Some Indian handloom sarees become crisper after starch making it unmanageable while wearing. In this case, what you can do is, you can do steam ironing with low or medium flame. In case you want to remove the starch completely, then just soak cold water for 30 minutes.

Storing the Indian handloom saree

The way you keep and store your saree is responsible for its perseverance. You can store it in light muslin cloth before keeping it in the cupboard. It will help the saree to get air as well as prevent it from sticking it to the other sarees. 

Make sure that you store your saree in the cupboard only after it is dried. Slight moisture in the handloom saree can cause damage to the fabric. Also, do not hang the sarees on steel hangers to avoid rusting of the cloth. Store the saree in a dark and dry place.

At Reemly Design Studio, you will get a complete understanding of the solution to keep you're your sarees up to date and new forever. They advise you to strictly make sure that you do not use deodorants on the handloom saree directly. Also, avoid washing them more often. Dry them after every single use. Folding and unfolding of saree at least twice a year also helps you to defend it from tearing near the folds.